Of all the publications that credulously reported the debunked Strategy Analytics claim that Samsung has passed Apple in phone handset profits (and there were many), I thought the most telling was the headline on David Murphy’s piece for PC Mag: “Analyst: Samsung Finally Overtakes Apple for Mobile Operating Profits”.


To his credit, Murphy has updated his original piece and published a thorough follow-up bringing attention to Daniel Dilger’s take-down, which is a lot more than most can say, including Juliette Garside of the Guardian UK, Tim Worstall of Forbes, Don Reisinger of CNet, Ryan Knutson of the Wall Street Journal, Kevin C. Tofel of GigaOm, Zach Epstein of Boy Genius Report, Matt Clinch of CNBC,1 and this un-bylined report by BBC News. None of those pieces contain an update showing that Strategy Analytics’s claim is disputed, let alone how decisively so.

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AuthorA.J. Ross